About Me!

A little about me…. Heather Shrader

Located in Berwick, PA.  Just minutes away from Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and Bloomsburg.


My name is Heather & I’m the owner and lead photographer of Shrader Photography.

Anybody who owns a camera can take a picture to remind you of a special event, or what your family looked like this year.  But rare is the photographer who connects with you and your children, creating not only timeless photographs, but beautiful memories of the day spent creating them.  Someone who can create artful portraits that stir your heart, and who beautifully shows the magic and uniqueness of your loved ones.

As a professional photographer I strive for excellence in my work and my client’s satisfaction.  I will create beautiful & distinctive portraits with a modern story telling flair.  Many people have said that it’s apparent that each person I work with, no matter how young or old enters my heart as their image enters my camera.  My clients are welcomed and treated with the same care and respect that I would treat my loved ones with.

I have had the honor of seeing my work published in many fantastic publications, and cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for my growing business.  Come take the journey with me.


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